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Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is one of those holidays that really sneaks up on us! Our mothers leave a lasting impression in our lives, and where would we be without them? I know at this stage in my life I’m just trying to survive most days. I need to remind myself, to “be the mother you want your kids to remember” (stole that from pinterest of course). Our little ones do look to us like we are angels, although I am so far from it most days! “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother” (this is another steal from pinterest by Lin Yutang)
I am constantly reminding myself, that God put me on this earth to be Reid and Ivy’s mama, and that is my job. Not always glamorous, and not always fun, but the greatest job. This time is so fleeting, we hear it all the time, but the scary thing is, it’s true. I have little memories of my mom when I was young. They are small, and nothing that was important. Very ordinary moments, but they are lasting. I want my kids to have these of their mother, and remember me as being loving, gentle, patient, and kind. Not so sure that is how they would describe me right now. I did not intend for this post to turn into this, but my goodness! Now look what I’ve done! God has a way of convicting us, and teaching us lessons in our daily moments. Well this is one of those for me. I swear, after you have kids you turn into a total sap.
So, after all this…for goodness sakes mothers, take pictures with your kids!! Don’t always be the one behind the camera, get in there with them! Trust me, when they are old and grown, they are going to want to look back and see how beautiful their mother was. They are not worried about that extra 10 lbs, or that bad haircut. They want to see your smile, and how you held them.

Thank you for enduring this emotional moment with me:)I’m going to go hug my kids!mothersdayblgo

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